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Shadow Multi Cast Credit Token Purchase - Australia
Credit Pricing
5 Credits 10 Credits 20 Credits
$39 ($7.80per Credit)
$49 ($8.90per Credit)
$59 ($2.95per Credit)

1 Credit = 1 Days Use

How Does it Work?
You redeem a credit when you would like to use the software.
This is done using a Credit Token Key that is emailed to you after purchase. Each Credit allows 1 full days use at a time. You can redeem as many Credits at a time as you would like. Each credit redeemed allows an extra consecutive day of use without having to redeem the Credits again.

How Long Do I have to Use my Credits?
Depending on the Credits you purchase, depends on how long your credits last.
5 Credits = 3months
10 Credits = 6 months
20 Credits = 9 months

Redeem Example:
If Todays date and time is 2015-05-01 9:00am
Redeem 1 Credits Today, and the expiry date will be 2015-05-02 9:00am
Redeem 3 Credits Today, and the expiry date will be 2015-05-04 9:00am

NEW!!!! All Shadow Multi Cast CT users now also receive TrussCAD included in the package.