Shadow Multi-Cast Error – AutoCAD Message: Write permission denied. Unable to create: C:/Program Files/

This tutorial will show you how to generate shadow lines using Shadow Multi Cast for AutoCAD FULL users.
NOTE: North must always be facing up the screen to generate shadows correctly. The first steps show you how to do this.

Setting North Point

Step 1

Open Windows Explorer. Then open the folder C:/Program Files

Step 2

1. Right Mouse Click the Shadow Multi Cast folder for the version you have installed.

2. A menu will pop up, Left Mouse Click on Properties at the bottom of the menu.

Step 3

1. In the window that opens, Left Mouse click the Tab that says “Security”

2. On the Security tab properties, Left Mouse Click the button that says “Edit”

Step 4

Next Left Mouse Click “Add” button.

Step 5

Next Left Mouse Click “Advanced” button.

Step 6

1. Left Mouse Click the button that says “Find Now”

2. A list will appear. Left Mouse Click “Everyone” from the list.

3. Left Mouse Click OK button.

Step 7

Left Mouse Click “OK” button

Step 8

Left Mouse Click on “Everyone” so it is selected and higlighted.
Then in the box below, ensure that every box has a tick in it by Left Mouse Clicking the box.
Then Left Mouse Click the “Apply” button then Left Mouse Click the “OK” button.

The window will close and there will be another window. Click the “OK” button and all the windows will now be closed.

AutoCAD should now be able to use the folder without error.
If your error was from trying to load a menu then try loading the menu again from AutoCAD.