CT Version


– Full version of all software versions.
– Can only be used with Full Versions of AutoCAD.
– Has all versions available.

CT version (or Credit Token version) is the FULL version of every capital city of Shadow Multi Cast Australia.
Instead of buying the software outright, you purchase credits to use the software when you need to use it.

Each credit allows one full days use when you choose to redeem it.

This is the cheapest option, and also gives you access to every version rather than having to buy individual versions of the software.
You also receive free updates.

Cost: From $39.00

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  • Shadow Generate for All Hours
  • Shadow Generate 9am/12pm/3pm
  • Shadow Generate Single Hours
  • Show Shadows For… Layer control
  • Load Viewport State Layer Control
  • Rotate Screen Controls
  • Free UCS control
  • Save UCS control
  • Restore UCS control
  • Change Layer Colours
  • Change Layer Names
  • Help file from Menu
  • Change Geographic Location
  • All Capital Cities
  • Free Updates
  • Cheapest Option
  • All Versions