Full Version



– Full version of software.
– Can only be used with Full Versions of AutoCAD.
– Each version must be purchased seperately for the location you desire.
(e.g Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc is one version only)

Current Version: Shadow Multi Cast 2021
This version will work with AutoCAD versions from 2004 to 2021. The version you purchase will only work for AutoCAD versions currently listed. If you upgrade AutoCAD to a later version than the version you purchased, you will need to purchase an upgrade.
An upgrade is available for future releases of AutoCAD versions as they are released.
You will need to purchase an upgrade of Shadow Multi Cast for versions of AutoCAD higher than AutoCAD 2021 to continue using the software.

Full Cost: $189.95
Upgrade: $49.95 (Must have a Full Licenced Version already installed)

Price is for 1 Licence Per Computer / Licences cannot be transferred between computers

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  • Shadow Generate for All Hours
  • Shadow Generate 9am/12pm/3pm
  • Shadow Generate Single Hours
  • Show Shadows For… Layer control
  • Load Viewport State Layer Control
  • Rotate Screen Controls
  • Free UCS control
  • Save UCS control
  • Restore UCS control
  • Change Layer Colours
  • Change Layer Names
  • Help file from Menu
  • Change Geographic Location