Shadow Multi-Cast Software Troubleshooting Guide

Shadow Multi Cast in most instances will be automatically setup inside AutoCAD, but in some instances you may need to a simple additonal task to get it working correctly in AutoCAD.
Below are some tips on fixing issues.

Issue: Menu Won’t Load in AutoCAD Fix

Generally if you follow the ‘How to Install Guide’ for your version of AutoCAD, you will be able to load the Menu manually without issue. However, if you have followed theguide and the menu still won’t display in the menubar, you will need too follow one of the guides below. The issue seems to be an intermittent glitch in AutoCAD that rarely users find is an issue.

Issue: AutoCAD Message: Write permission denied. Unable to create: C:/Program Files/ Fix

If you get an error like above, it is to do with security settings for the folder in Windows. AutoCAD is unable to write to the folder.